Sunday, November 01, 2009

Next Stops for the Wheels North Crew

Wheels North has joined the original 1909 adventure as part of history, but we WN riders are still doing what we do: Ride. Here are two upcoming adventures, of varying scale:

November 8--Several WN riders will don tweed and take part in the Sacramento Tweed Ride. It looks like jolly good fun, and Nigel (our English bike) in particular is looking forward to it. Click on the flyer to see a larger version.

November 27--The day after Thanksgiving, several WN alums will be working off our turkey (or veggie) dinners with a day of riding. Route is somewhat vague at this point (we need some chalk marks to follow!), but it will involve heading west from Davis toward the coast. Maybe to Point Reyes, maybe to San Francisco, maybe to ... ?? Photos from a similar (but two-day-long) ride are here and here.