Friday, July 04, 2008

7-4-08: One Year To Go!

Today is the Fourth of July, which means two things:  
1) In one week, Wheels North's Eric Norris (me) will be getting married to Laurie,  the Girl of My Dreams, and 
2) One year from today, the Wheels North riders will be starting our ride in downtown Santa Rosa!
With one year to go, a lot of work has already been done.  We've already collected almost $2000 in donations for the ride, with more to come from fundraisers already under way.  We have a great core group of riders (and plenty of room for more).  We have a day-by-day itinerary, and have started to lay the groundwork for events along the way.
But there's much more to come, and we invite everyone to continue watching this blog and our web site for updates.
See you in Santa Rosa in One Year!

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