Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Evelyn McDaniel Gibb--In Person!

We (Eric and Laurie) were very fortunate to be able to spend some time this week with Evelyn McDaniel Gibb, author of "Two Wheels North."  Evelyn is a delightful person, as full of life at 84 as her father undoubtedly was when he (Vic McDaniel) left Santa Rosa in 1909 with his friend, Ray Francisco, to ride to Seattle.  Evelyn, who now lives about an hour's drive north of Seattle, very kindly shared some reminisces of her father with us (watch for photos to be posted at the Wheels North web site soon).  
Evelyn has a standing invitation to be a part of Wheels North, and we hope to see her in Santa Rosa and Seattle next year.
Thank you, Evelyn--See you next year!

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