Thursday, March 05, 2009

Places to Stay

We're working diligently to find great places for our riders and crew to spend the night as we travel along Vic and Ray's route to Seattle. Here are a few places we're planning to stay:

-- In Winters, we'll spend the night in the Community Center building, near the 1906 bridge and across the street from Steady Eddy's coffeehouse (a favorite stopping place for Davis cyclists).

--In Weaverville, we'll overnight at Trinity High School.

--In Yreka, we'll overnight at Yreka High School.

--In Ashland, we'll spend two nights in the dorms at Southern Oregon University (haven't nailed this place down yet, but it looks good).

--In Portland, we'll stay in the group building at the Northwest Portland Hostel (great place in a super location).

--In Chehalis, a local church will be putting us up.

--In Seattle, we'll spend our last two nights as a group in the dorms at the University of Washington (also not nailed down, but looking very good).

Check back for more details--it's going to be a great ride!

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