Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Routes Posted

Updates for three days of riding have been posted to the Wheels North web site today:
  • July 4, Winters to Santa Rosa, now has a new route for the first few miles to get us safely past the congested parts of downtown Santa Rosa. The big climbs over the Mayacama mountains are still there.
  • July 11, Roseburg to Eugene, has been shortened by about 10 miles, and lost a bit of climbing.
  • July 12, Eugene to Salem, is now about 10 miles longer and includes a nice, steep climb at mile 90. However, it also now includes a trip on the Buena Vista Ferry over the Willamette River, allowing us to recreate that part of the trip as well.
Links to detailed information on each day's riding is available on the Route page at

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