Saturday, July 04, 2009

Wheels North Day One

July 4, 2009--After four-plus years of dreaming and two years of planning, Wheels North hit the road today. 13 riders left Santa Rosa on an unexpectedly chilly morning for the first, 60-mile leg to Winters. Riding are:
  • Peter Burnett
  • Michael "Mojo" Cosgrove
  • Walter Dawes
  • Willie Myers
  • Warren Jones
  • Ken McClain
  • Greg Ngo
  • Jim Pavlichek
  • Steve Smead
  • Randy Roten
  • Eric Norris
  • Kevin Ziegler
  • Shawn Ziegler
Our amazing rest stop crew:
  • Kim Hanlin
  • Laurie Norris
  • Natalie Pappas
  • Eric Myers
Aside from the cold, today's ride was uneventful ... mostly. A minor bike tangle in the Napa Valley ended with two wheels with shredded spokes (Mojo's and Steve's) but fortunately noone crashed and nobody (other than the bikes) was injured. We're looking around for a wheelbuilder to fix the spokes.

We are staying tonight at the community center in Winters. Tomorrow, we head 154 miles north to Corning via route that includes the Capay Valley and the backcountry of Glenn County.

Today's videos:

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